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gepostet am 6. September 2014, 22:59 von Ralf

It’s quite some time ago that I wrote the last post, so time for an update: coming down from the Massif Central to the Languedoc region it got quite warm, temperatures were around 30 degrees. On the fields around us were mainly red wine grapes. We had a short visit in Valras-Plage to have a bath in the Mediterranean and then we turned westward to Carcassonne. The city is mainly known from a popular German board game with the same name. Who wants to have an idea how the city looks like should play the game – yes, it really looks exactly like that. The medieval historical centre with it’s fortification around it is one of the most impressive piece of historical architecture I’ve ever seen – and I think I saw a lot meanwhile. From Carcassonne we then followed the valley of the Aude and then headed towards our first real pass road, the Col du Pailheres. It was a really really beautiful small one-lane road with rarely any traffic that brought us up to 2001 m.a.s.l.. From the top we had a nice overview on the countless hairpin curves that brought us up there. The pass was followed by a descent down to Ax-les-Thermes. From there we directly went on towards the next pass road today, the Port d’Envalira. The ascent was not very difficult, since not very steep, only up to 6% gradient. But it was quite long and with lot’s of annoying traffic since it’s a main road connecting France and Spain. At about 1900 m.a.s.l. we crossed the border to Andorra, a few kilometres later Pas de la Casa, a strange village that exclusively consists of tax free shops, and then we reached the pass at 2400 m.a.s.l.. I never saw a gas station at that altitude before but the Port d’Envalira had four of them on top. I guess that one of them might be the highest gas station in Europe, but I’m not sure about it. After having some “refreshments” we started the descent and I wondered another time about the fact that Susie can really do 17 kilometres in 25 minutes :-D. In the evening we reached Andorra la Vella, even though the capital of Andorra is really small I guess it can compete with most other European capitals when counting the number of gas stations, stores and shopping centres – thanks to the low taxes in Andorra that make the country a shopping paradise for the French and the Spanish.

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