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Weather obviously turns bad in the North now, so it was a good idea to get away from Kiel towards warmer and drier regions. Our first days were dominated by moderate headwinds and occasional rain showers. After crossing the Elbe River at Glückstadt we headed southward via Stade to Achim, then we turned right and went on eastward via Lechbruch am Dümmer, Bramsche and Rheine to Gronau where we crossed the border to the Netherlands for the first time. The Netherlands gave us a friendly welcome. A family allowed us to camp on the small piece of grass land they had next to their house in Haaksbergen. After we just had finished setting up our tents they even brought us a basket with coffee, cheese and apples from their own garden. After a short visit back to Germany and crossing the Rhine in Emmerich we are now in Gennep, close to Nijmegen. The first 560 km are done and we are quiet optimistic to make it to the Belgian border today – at least if this rain will end soon.

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