The Spanish coast

gepostet am 19. September 2014, 07:26 von Ralf

A day of contrast brought us to Valencia: Starting in the middle of nowhere we crossed a last 700m mountain pass, then went downhill, had 20 km of headwinds in a flat region before reaching the suburbs of Valencia. We had to cross the city centre in the evening rush hour. After a few days in the lonlyness of the mountains it was really fascinating to ride through multi-storey buildings on streets with up to 7 lanes. We then got on a bike path that brought us out of the city centre. We passed Valencia’s harbour and then suddenly found ourselves on a promenade following the beach. It was quite overwhelming since it felt like having cycled everything in one day: lonelyness and a lively big city, mountains and the sea. We spent two nights at a camp site about ten kilometres south of Valencia and used the day in between for Sightseeing. The city as really nice. We started our tour in the modern centre of arts and science, a very nice example that also contemporary architecture can be beautiful, then strolled through the historic city centre and having a Horchata, a local sweet drink, but after a while we had to escape the heat and hang around in a park for a while. We ended our day with a visit to the maritime quarter and the marinas northeast of the city.
The next days we followed the coast southward. The first day started really nice through the Albufuera nature reserve and then was also quite ok for the rest. But from the second day on it got really awkward. For about 250 kilometres we went through the hell of tourism. It was not that there were some bad places, but for two and a half days we went through anything else than tall 20-storey hotels and endless always the same looking bungalow settlements. It looked as if anyone did put any effort in making it nice, but only in fitting as many tourists on every kilometre beach as possible. Benidorm was the worst place I’ve ever seen in terms of this. Finally around Cartagena we escaped from this region crossed some mountains and after a few more kilometres we cycled on a really beautiful country road along the coast. Now it’s roughly 85 kilometres left to Almeria.

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