The spanish wilderness

gepostet am 12. September 2014, 22:49 von Ralf

Even though Lleida was quite a big city and I visited five bicycle shops, I did not manage it to get Susie a new rim. Part of the problem might have been that my Spanish language skills are as non-existent as the English skills of Lleida’s bike shop employees. However, some spotted the problem when I showed them the front wheel. I was not always happy with their ways to “repair” it, but on the other hand I was missing too many vokabulary to hinder the nice guy from one shop to get a gripper and bend the rim to it’s more or less original shape. However, it seems as if Susie has to survive with that until the end of the trip. After Lleida
we then continued through the inner part of Spain towards Caspe and Alcaniz. It was hilly and before reaching Caspe there were 50 kilometres without any village, but with a nice lake which offered an opportunity for having a bath. We enjoyed it, but at that point we did not know yet, how much we would miss that a few days later. From Alcaniz we went southward into the mountains towards Cantavieja, where we had a nice lunch at a restaurant. It was quite surprising what we got, since we did not understand anything on the spanish menu and therefore had no idea what we ordered. Also I was quite surprised getting half a bottle of Rioja when trying to order one glass. However, both the meal and the wine were yummy and surprisingly cheap in the end – even though we also did not understand the bill. In the following there were some serious climbs and a lot of up and down at high altitude. Today we reached 1700 m.a.s.l. The landscape was fantastic and offered a lot of variety. After every pass it looked completely different. However it was quite lonely up there and there was only very little infrastructure. We camped in the wildereness, or once just on a parking right next to the street. Since there weren’t any camp sites up there everyone seemed to be ok with that. Again, we did not see any supermarket for 30 kilometres and more sometimes. Also it was quite dry up there. Any of the “rivers” from my map had water at this time of year. Fortunately most villages had a central place where one could get drinking water from the pipe for free. However we usually could not carry enough to have something left for other things than for drinking in the evening. In combination with the rough topography and warm temperatures (even though significantly cooler then down in the flat lands) we got quite dirty and sticky after some days. We decided to leave the mountains south of Alepuz and now follow the N 234 towards the coast. Tomorrow we probably will reach Valencia. Today we had at least access to non-drinkable water at our camp spot. I never was that happy about a cold shower ;-)

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